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AeroChamber & other Monaghan Aerosol Delivery Products

AeroChamber MAX VHC is one of our most popular items. Browse from our selection of AeroChamber products. We are pleased to provide these excellent items from Monaghan, a leader in the manufacture and sale of aerosol drug delivery devices and asthma management products.

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  AeroChamber MAX

AeroChamber MAX® VHC w/Comfort Seal Mask

  PRICE $210 ($28.00 ea)
78810 - 10 per case  (can be purchased individually)

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Introducing the latest innovation in valved holding chambers - specifically designed for the smallest patients.

Flow-Vu™ Inspiratory Flow Indicator
A visual assist to help time the pMDI actuation with inspiratory flow and breath counting. The indicator moves from vertical position toward the patient when the patient is inhaling.

ComfortSeal® Mask
Superior mask fit is snug with secure seal, limiting entrainment of ambient air and maximizing drug delivery even at low inspiratory flows. Make of medical grade silicone.

StatBan™ Custom Anti-static Polymer Chamber
StatBan custom anti-static polymer minimizes static charge which maximizes performance with all pMDI formulations. The AeroChamber MAX VHC Aero-Vu chamber features anti-static properties and a see through chamber allowing patients and/or caregivers to visualize the medication dose in the chamber.

New Flow Dynamic Valve and Baffle System
The baffle is located in front of duckbill valve to promote the impaction of large non-respirable particles on the walls of chamber prior to inhalation, decreasing oral deposition that can cause systemic side effects. The thinner, lower resistance valve requires less effort to open by low flow patients. The one-way valve prevents patients from exhaling into the chamber, ensuring the remaining medication is available for the next breath.

Removable Mask Adapter Assembly
The secure locking system and ergonomic, durable leak-proof design facilitates easy cleaning. The protective retainer ensures the sensitive inspiratory valve is vurtually tamper-proof.

"EZ Flow" Exhalation Valve
The valve is built into the mask to minimize deadspace and lessen resistance to exhalation.

Reinforced Universal pMDI Adapter
The adapter fits all commonly prescribed pMDIs. Improved and reinforced design facilitates easy insertion and removal of all pMDIs. The adapter is made with a custom, durable medical grade thermoplastic elastomer which can be easily removed to facilitate cleaning.

pMDI Adapter Alignment Feature
A visual assist helps correctly align the Universal pMDI Adapter with the chamber.

  AeroChamber MAX

AeroChamber MAX FLOWSIGnal®

79810 - 10 per case  (can be purchased individually)

The AeroChamber MAX provides consistent, high performance aerosol drug delivery across a wide range of formulations The unique, integrated valve and baffle "Flow Dynamic System" enhances fine particle dose delivery to the lungs.

  PRICE $100.00 ($13.63 ea)


TruZone™ Peak Flow Meter

96510 - 10 per case (can be purchased individually)

The TruZone Peak Flow Meter's unique logarithmic scale simplifies the reading and recording of the Peak Expiratory Flow ("PEF"). ColorZone Tapes help to easily identify target zones by effectively customizing the device to measure against the patient's best PEF. This feature makes asthma management easy.

  PRICE $139.50 ($13.50 ea)


AeroGear™ Asthma Action Kit

89510 - 10 per case (can be purchased individually)

The AeroGear Asthma Action Kit makes it easy for patients to monitor their condition without interruption, no matter where they are, wherever their jobs or lifestyles take them

  PRICE $229.50 ($22.95 ea)